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Job Shift – How to Prosper in a Workplace Without Jobs, by William Bridges

Managing Transitions, by William Bridges

Successful Woman’s Guide to Working Smart – 10 Strengths That Matter Most, by Caitlin Williams



Assess your strengths and overcome your barriers

Engage in gentle, yet thought-provoking dialogue to identify your key issues

Brainstorm creative solutions and imagine your ideal job, career or work/life balance

Utilize professional career assessment tools (such as the MBTI, Strong, Elevations and CA Career Zone) to identify your knowledge, interests, skills, abilities, core values and preferred work style


Résumés & cover letters
Go green!
Cross-cultural and global transitions
Counseling for people with disabilities

Do you need:

LifeWork Careers is here to help!


Career transitions are a little like river rafting:  Despite our fears, at some point we have to jump in and get wet!  But having a seasoned guide who you trust and a compass for direction can make the trip less scary, even exciting and fun!

A Career Guide for over 15 years, Paula helps you chart new territory, navigate the rapids and bounce back from reversals in a safe, secure and confidential environment while making your journey as rewarding as your destination. Through a step-by-step process, we’ll assess where you are now, where you want to go and how to bridge the gap within a reasonable timeframe. Whether working in person, by phone or online, Paula tailors her services to meet your individual needs. You’ll experience the benefits of deep listening, supportive feedback, brainstorming and resources to produce measurable results.

What clients are saying about Career Coaching

“Thanks so much for your gems of wisdom.  I appreciate your support and friendship.”

“Going on a job search can become quite aggravating at times.  So much more do I appreciate those little moments of bliss generated by the quantum leaps you facilitate!”

“Thank you so much Paula, for your insight and wisdom.” 

“I can’t express my gratitude to you for helping people like me living with HIV – I feel I have purpose again!”



Do you dread writing your résumé or cover letter?

Then it’s time for Résumé Plus© to turn your piece of paper into peace of mind with:

Résumé Plus© is an interactive technique that increases career focus, builds interview confidence and demystifies the writing process.  Working together directly at the computer, by phone or e-mail, Paula will guide you in selecting the right format and content to highlight your transferable skills, bridge work gaps and address concerns with ease and integrity.  In many cases, you’ll walk away with a finished product within a three-hour session.  Read what clients say about this dynamic, even fun approach! 

What clients are saying about Résumé Plus©

“Thank you for giving my résumé focus.  I didn’t realize how all over the map it was until meeting with you.  The changes you and I made were exactly what it needed. I landed the position and I love it, thanks to you and your help!” 

“Your help was critical to getting me the all important interview.”

“Thanks for being such a warm person and great writer!”

“Work your magic!”

Paula has created literally hundreds of high impact, interview-generating résumés for private, public and business sector positions, including but not limited to:

More kudos for Résumé Writing

“Paula has a keen ability to translate techno-corporate-speak into clear concise language appropriate for any audience.”

“Most people just want to change my résumé to get a job, any job with any company - but you helped me develop a résumé to target the industry and job I wanted.”

“Paula, I especially want you to know that I had used my old résumé to apply for the same job at the same company several months ago and got a polite, "No" - I am certain that your résumé helped open that door for me.”



Paula is committed to helping you learn about cutting edge developments in the fast-growing socially responsible, sustainable and green economy. Consider just a few of the many options, each with its own requirements of education, training and qualifications: 

“The most important thing is to connect the people who most need the jobs with the work that most needs doing.”

- Van Jones, environmental leader and author of the Green Collar Economy (see video)



Are you experiencing a global transition? Relocation (or dislocation) can put a strain on careers, family and relationships. Working across time zones, cultures and languages can be stressful as well as rewarding.  

Through both personal experience and extensive training from the Institute of Intercultural Communication, Paula has acquired a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by relocating executives, ex-pats, international job seekers and first-generation citizens.



For over seven years, Paula has coached people living with all kinds of disabilities, providing professional solutions to common questions such as:

Paula is convinced that by focusing on talents rather than limitations, disabilities need not be barriers to meaningful work.  Known as a dedicated advocate, Paula is committed to getting the job of getting the job done!

“I see how you operate: You don’t stop until you get what you want!”

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